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Please use the below for support on a specific topic. You can reach a Clinical Support Help Desk Analyst by Phone, Chat or Email. The Rix Helpdesk is now part of the GSK Clinical Support Help Desk.

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myLesson The learning management system used by GSK to deliver web-based training to Investigator Site Staff.
Veeva Clinical Vault Veeva Clinical Vault is a cloud enterprise content management platform that tracks critical information from product development to commercialization. It unifies clinical operations and data management systems including SSU (study start up), eTMF (Electronic Trial Master File), CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), SRD (Safety Report Distribution) and CDMS (Clinical Data Management Suite) onto a single cloud platform, to optimize execution of clinical trials and ensure inspection readiness at all times.
Veeva CDMS Redefines data management to help medtech clinical teams manage today's trials with agility and speed. The software unifies electronic data capture (EDC), auto-coding, and study data forms optimization, enabling complete control over trials configuration and management.
InForm/UMT The electronic case report form used for most GSK studies.
RAMOS The system for registering subjects, reporting visits, and allocating study medication.
ITTM Investigational Product (IP) shipments will have a Temperature Monitor (TempTracer) monitoring the internal temperature of a shipment of medication.
Disaster Event Support During any type of disaster the CSHD can be a point of contact for Investigators.
ClinicalTrials.gov FDA owned web-site listing all trials for all potential drugs in the US market for public access.
EudraCT European version of ct.gov listing trials for all potential drugs for the EU market.
Compassionate Use Supports external physician and primary care centre representative requests for compassionate use of GSK and ViiV Healthcare medicines.
GSK Study Register A repository of data and information from GSK studies. The GSK Study Register includes protocol summaries, scientific results summaries, plain language results summaries, full protocols, analysis plans, clinical study reports, regulatory overview documents, patient level data for researchers, and full references for clinical and preclinical publications.
The Supported Studies Programme Supported Studies are research conducted by an external Sponsor with GSK's support. These studies are also known as Investigator-Initiated Studies, Investigator-Initiated-Trials, Investigator Initiated Research or Investigator Sponsored Research.
Drug Returns and Reconciliation Involves extracting container codes from one application to create a list of all medications dispensed to each site so CRAs can check the report output against what is remaining at the end of the clinical trial. The R&R Bot facilitates the completion of this tasks.
Azure SAS Clinical Study Data entered in a Tabulation Model used for statistical analysis
Site2Test Digitalizing the collection activities of samples at clinical sites in order to significantly reduce the time required between sample collection and lab result generation.
Paediatric Implementation Plan PIP is necessary for the development of new chemical or biological entities and subsequent commercialization of the resulting medicinal product.
DCT Platform The DCT Platform, powered by Medable, allows study teams to swiftly implement 3 DCT design elements (Telemedicine, eConsent, eCOA/ePRO) into study design, through in-house app configuration and unlimited licenses for study team members, sites and participants.
Medical Coding Medical Coding is a tool designed to simplify the Medical Coder's work. It offers five coding suggestions for each verbatim entered, based on a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm developed by CluePoints.
GSK Vaccine – Account Application A central web application to manage Users accesses to the Clinical Systems under the responsibility of the Clinical Systems Team.
GSK Vaccine - CRPT A tracking and planning tool from protocol elaboration to statistical analysis and report for all Bio Clinical Studies that exist in e-Track.
GSK Vaccine - LSAF Used by GSK Staff to produce SDTM and ADaM datasets and accessorily as repository for all SAS documents related to the development, testing and validations of studies by developers or Users, including statistical analyses.
GSK Vaccine - ATEAM/E-TDF Electronic Temperature Deviation Form.
GSK Vaccine - MatEx Excellence in material preparation for Clinical Trials
GSK Vaccine - VaccDict Used to manage all formulations, treatments and asset numbers for GSK Vaccines studies
GSK Vaccine - SBIR Source Data Base for Internet Randomization
GSK Vaccine - E-Clinipix Used to collect pictures or documents related to GSK Vaccines Studies.
Virtual Provisioning Bulk Load Support for RAMOS Creation of GSK accounts for Non Provisioned Users via the Bulk Loader

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